Restoring art

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In modern times, ugly paintings, sculptures, and collections of items have been hailed as the best art produced today. You and I always knew they were not beautiful, but ugly, and that they could not be “art” as we understand it: a reflection of beauty, a facet of God’s nature. One of my favorite art […]

Life imitates art

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In this case, the movie Serenity is hanging on grimly by its toenails at the box office. Well, hanging on grimly in the face of certain disaster fits Serenity. One of my favorite opinion magazines, National Review, reviewed Serenity, one of my favorite movies. Glad they liked it. See the overwhelmingly positive review roundup at […]

New Renaissance review

Posted 1 CommentPosted in Uncategorized has just posted their review of The Story of the Renaissance and Reformation. Here is an excerpt: “The Story of the Renaissance and Reformation holds more information than many students receive in a college-level world history course, yet the book is written at a level that can reach across the entire family. The storybook […]

"catching up" in classical education (or in any homeschooling method) | biblical homeschooling at a little perspective

older children “catching up” in classical education

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(Or in any educational method) Many children begin classical education, not in kindergarten, but come to it later from another educational method. One of the burning questions parents have is how to get their children “caught up” to where they should be in classical education. Classical education depends on a progression of knowledge. Parents will usually not be able […]