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The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli synopsis and review

the door in the wall by marguerite de angeli

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The Door in the Wall. Marguerite de Angeli, (c) 1949, Doubleday and Company, Garden City, New York. Independent reading level is 10-12 years. Historical fiction set in early 14th century England during the wars with Scotland. Integrate with The Story of the Middle Ages at chapter CXIV: The Murderers Punished, or CXVIII: The Age of Chivalry. Synopsis: […]

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All bookmarks from Project Gutenberg are active, even though WordPress has them struck through. General history and overview The Story of the Ancient World by Christine Miller The Defender’s Study Bible, notes by Dr. Henry M. Morris Annals of the World by James Ussher, translated by Larry and Marion Pierce The Complete Works of Falvius […]

on the two babylons: a review of its critics by christine miller | a little perspective


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Last week I mentioned a book by Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons, as a recommended book to read to learn biblical history, specifically, how Nimrod’s rebellion at Babel established paganism throughout the world, and how various aspects of that paganism carry on in our society today. The question was asked about a book by Ralph […]