God’s gift of literature

“Can literature lead a person to God?

“A friend of mine, Karen Swallow Prior, who is a professor of English at Liberty University, argues that it can and that great literature did just that for her. She tells her story in a delightful memoir called Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me.”

Read the full post at Booked: Learning to Love God’s Gift of Literature.

Karen Swallow Prior’s book is full of the classic literature of Western Civilization. Interestingly enough, I just ran across this article today: Literature, Language Arts, and the Common Core Standards by Janice Campbell. The Common Core Standards gut the curriculum of classic literature, such as God used in Karen Swallow Prior’s life to lead her to Him, replacing it with drivel, or, as Charlotte Mason called it, “twaddle.” CCS Literature might even be a few steps below twaddle. Don’t fear to feed your children’s hearts and minds on good and great books. ♥

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