history resources on the internet

I need a place to archive my internet history research links. I lose them and have to start all over again every time my husband updates my computer. This collection is the bare bones beginning and will be a work in progress … and will eventually be sorted and find a permanent home at Nothing New Press

ancient history church history
classical history (greece & rome) history of empires
medieval history persecution history
modern history prophetic history
american history geographical history

American history
Online Library of Liberty (Liberty Fund)
America’s Founding Documents
Wallbuilders with David Barton – America’s Forgotten History
The Founders Blog
The Federalist Society – Law and Public Policy Studies
Biography of Roger Williams (for homeschoolers)

World history
EmersonKent.com – World History for the Relaxed Historian
The Map as History
Truth Triumphant: A History of the Church in the Wilderness by B. J. Wilkinson
Prophetic Faith of our Fathers by LeRoy E. Froom in four volumes
A Repository of Historical Texts – 17th Century Great Britain
The French Revolution: A History by Thomas Carlyle (1798 France)

Ancient History
The Defender’s Study Bible, notes by Dr. Henry M. Morris
Annuls of the World by James Ussher, translated by Larry and Marion Pierce
The Complete Works of Falvius Josephus translated by William Whiston
A New System: or, an Analysis of Ancient Mythology Vol 1 by Jacob Bryant
A New System: or, an Analysis of Ancient Mythology Vol 2 by Jacob Bryant
The Five Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World by George Rawlinson vol 1, vol 2, vol 3

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