It’s the rule of (biblical) law

With the violence in Iraq, and the troubles in Hungary, there’s the idea out there that there is something inherently wrong with democracy as a system that has caused these failures. It is partially true: democracy practiced by unrepentant, fallen man would be a nightmare, if the only standard observed is what the majority desires and not what the law requires.

We tend to believe in democracy because in our country’s history, the excesses of democracy were tempered by the rule of law, and practiced (for the most part) according to biblical principles. Such as: self- control is a virtue; power is for blessing those who are under authority; abusing power is evil; liberty is to be protected; individual rights are not to be trespassed; government should restrain sin and honor God; self- serving interests are to be subdued in favor of community- serving interests.

It is not the democracy component of the American experiment which has made this country a success; it is the adherance to biblical principles component which has resulted in the blessings we live under. If a monarchy or an oligarchy would rule according to biblical standards, that country would enjoy just as much success and prosperity, as history attests.

Likewise, it is not that democracy is the root of the trouble in Hungary or Iraq; it is rather a departure from the biblical standard, in either the practice of government, or the desires of the people.

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