Jump ship

Obama’s new education secretary is the former super of Chicago’s public schools. The LA Times calls her an intellectual heavyweight, and a reformer. However, her city’s dismal academic performance belies the hope and change we were promised.

So now is a great time, Christian parents, to abandon the sinking ship of the public school system and save your kids from the quicksand before it gets worse! I will not lie to you, homeschooling is hard work. But if you can persevere, the rewards are great. Not the least might be, seeing your children NOT become a statistic, that 90% of Christian children walk away from God and the church after high school.

One thought on “Jump ship

  1. I have had parents in my church (well, teachers really) tell me that by not putting my children in the system I am only help worsen it. I should put my energy & talent into helping the system.

    First, no matter what you put into something that is broken, it will stay broken.

    Second, and most importantly, I will not sacrifice the children God LOANED me so that others MIGHT have a chance at a better education. Sorry, this may sound harsh but charity does indeed start at home!

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