Maps of the ancient sea kings

I just received this book this week. There is a map, which became a
world-wide sensation in 1929 when it was discovered in a palace in
Istanbul, the old Constantinople. The map was dated to 1513, drawn by a
Turkish cartographer. This map showed Africa and South America in
correct longitude relative to each other, something unheard of for the
16th century. (The scientific problem of longitude wasn’t solved until the 18th century.)

But after a few years, the map faded from the
news, and was once again forgotten. Until a modern history of science
teacher at an American college became interested in the map, and he and
his students worked on solving the puzzle of the map’s origins. The
book I received this week is the story of that puzzle, the process of its solving, and the
conclusions reached by this professor and his students.

conclusion is that certain historical maps, one of which was by the
Turkish cartographer, were based on even more ancient maps: the
maps of the ancient sea kings. The ancient sea kings, the professor
concludes, were a civilized and advanced unknown people who could be
dated from the time of the Great Ice Age, based on coastlines, sea
levels, and glacier fields found in their maps. That these people
traveled the world, that they had wealth to finance these voyages, an
advanced knowledge of mathematics at least through trigonometry,
navigation, astronomy, and other necessary sciences.

It is
startling to think, except for those who take Genesis as authoritative
history. Genesis does not teach that cavemen gradually learned to walk,
talk, and use tools, but that God created the universe perfect, and man
perfect, with language, creativity, and intellect from the beginning;
that man and all of creation was marred by sin, that a global flood
wiped out mankind because of sin, that a Great Ice Age, which is
possibly alluded to in Job, followed the flood while man was spreading
out from Babel and the nations were being established. That advanced
ancient civilizations rose.

There is even an interesting passage in Genesis 10:25:

Eber were born two sons: the name of the one was Peleg, for in his days
the earth was divided, and his brother's name was Joktan.”

think the reference to the earth being divided is to the people
dividing and spreading out from Babel, and some think the reference is
to the earth being explored, mapped, and divided into its nations and
boundaries, for the world that was had perished, and the world that now
was was new and different. I have to go through my notes for Story of
the Ancient World
to find the reasoning for the two theories, but I
have them documented. The true history of the ancient world would
amaze those who have been brainwashed with evolution all their lives.

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