Paganism repackaged for children

Chuck Norris’ column this week is about the new movie coming out this week, The Golden Compass, which he gives a big thumbs down. The reason is the author’s message:

"[In the end] …"God" gets overthrown and the "fall" becomes the source of humankind’s redemption, not failure."

This is ancient paganism’s fundamental message: that humankind must struggle against, instead of submit to, God; that human redemption, progress, and exaltation is by self- determination instead of submission to the Creator. Among the Cush-ites, Eve was a heroine because she received wisdom from the gods (the knowledge of good and evil from the tree, prompted by Satan) which she then passed on to mankind as a benefactress! This is why Athena, the deified Eve, is the patron goddess of the Greeks, who venerated wisdom, Athena’s defining characteristic. Notice the authoritative statue depicting her (made by the ancient Greeks and kept in the Parthenon, her temple) has a serpent by her side, incidentally lifted up instead of on his belly. It is the glorification of rebellion against YHVH; the elevation of man as his own god, with the serpent as his guide and mentor.

This same message has been repackaged in beautiful wrapping for children, and it opens this Friday. Or children are being asked (tempted) to open it this Friday. Don’t be sucked in; the message underneath the garment of light is pure poison.

2 thoughts on “Paganism repackaged for children

  1. Thank you for your informative post! While we do not go to the movies…or do TV, we do watch DVDs/VHS movies. May Yahweh bless you for your holy boldness to proclaim the truth and for your discerning spirit.
    Grace and Peace,

  2. Thank you so much, Ruth, for your blessing. May you also be blessed as you bless others. With love, Christine

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