the babylon connection

the babylon connection | a little perspective

the babylon connection | a little perspective

I had believed it was common knowledge among Bible- believers that paganism originated in Babylon, with its roots in the Tower of Babel rebellion against God described in Gen 11. The first academic work I had read which touched on this was Henry Morris’ The Long War Against God, one of the great books in my library. In this book, Dr. Morris traces the idea of evolution, or naturalism as a rebellion against God the Creator, much farther back than Darwin. He traces naturalism through ancient history back to the very beginning, to the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. It is truly a fascinating study, and until I had read this book, I did not realize that a debate over origins raged in the ancient world just as it does today. Of course, Dr. Morris’ book is extensively footnoted and referenced for anyone interested in this topic.

But then having learned of historicism, I became interested in Revelation, my love of history, and especially, the accurate history, past and future, told by Scripture, being the common thread between Genesis and Revelation. In Revelation, from chapters 14 through 18, a series of judgments befalls Babylon. Babylon is called, in these chapters: the great and mighty city, the originator of [s-x]ual immorality to all nations, mother of prostitutes, mother of the earth’s abominations, a dwelling place for demons, and a haunt for every unclean spirit, bird, and detestable beast.

So the New Testament confirms the history told in Gen 10 and 11, that at Babylon a great rebellion against God and His ways originated. Why is this important?

True ancient history, the history told by Scripture, has been clouded, or suppressed, or discarded. Pick up a library book on ancient history, and what you will read is vastly different from what the Bible relates in Genesis. If Babel is mentioned at all, it will most likely be with mockery. And yet in Scripture, we read that the final judgment of God’s wrath is poured on out on that same great and mighty city. Something pivotal happened there, which is still continuing in our day, and it is important that we recognize it so as not to be deceived. What happened? Why is the culmination of God’s wrath reserved for that city? And why is this topic so surrounded by controversy?

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  1. WOW!
    Had my attention from the beginning!
    We teach this in our congregation, Bayith Tephillah (A.K.A. the House of Prayer) often.
    Don’t stop! I will be linking this to our elders.
    Thank you for being a light in this darkened arena.
    Shalom Aleichem,

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