treasures of my library

I found some books available in pdf on the Internet yesterday, which I had been looking for to add to my library. They are older and out of print, which was making them difficult to obtain. They were:

The Prophetic Faith of our Fathers by LeRoy E. Froom, 4 vols. published 1944.
(Seventh Day Adventist summary of the four volumes)

Now this set was written to trace the prophetic interpretations of Scripture from the Jewish expositors before the advent of Jesus, through the Christian Era and up to the 20th century. However, as LeRoy Froom was of the historicism school of interpretation, these four massive volumes unearth the history of the Christian Era from thousands of source documents, which have been sanitized from modern books. It is an invaluable reference for the true history of the church and the world for the past 2000 years.

The books can either be read online or in pdf format here.

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