We need college reformation

A college professor in Connecticut filed a campus police complaint about one of her Communications class students. Her problem was that his speech was about how a tragedy such as the Virginia Tech shootings could have been mitigated were students allowed to carry concealed handguns on campus.

Her complaint was that some of her students were uncomfortable and scared listening to the speech, and it is her duty to protect her students from anything that makes them uncomfortable or scared.

This is university we are talking about, not kindergarten!

If university professors feel it is their responsibility to keep adult students "safe" from ideas with which they may be uncomfortable hearing, then what is the point of going to college in the first place? Professors are NOT surrogate parents. And when did university professors decide that protecting students from ever being uncomfortable was their mission in life? Shouldn’t it be instead (in this case) teaching effective communication?

The student should receive an A for his speech, since he communicated his ideas so well that the prof decided to take this extreme action. But this is the liberal, fascist, totalitarian, aristocratic way: To keep people victims and children, so that they do not question the wisdom of the self- appointed "intellectually superior" masters. To not to discuss the merits of ideas and their consequences, but to use force and intimidation to shut up all who do not kowtow the party line.

I wonder if the next step in education emancipation should be some sort of self- directed college courses and degree programs, free from political correctness run amok.

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