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On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, killing and wounding over 3500 Americans and crippling our Hawaiian naval base. The attack drew the United States into World War II, which it fought on several fronts: the Pacific front, in a brutal war against imperial Japanese forces, and the European front, against Nazi and Axis powers.

Attack on Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor
The National World War II Museum in New Orleans

Book recommendations:

For the family:

The Day Pearl Harbor was Bombed: A Photo History by George Sullivan
Reader’s Digest Illustrated Story of World War II

Grades 1-3

Pearl Harbor by Stephen Krensky
Franklin Roosevelt: 32nd President by Mike Venezia

Grades 4-6

From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa by Bruce Bliven Jr. (American Landmark).
The Story of World War II by Robert Leckie (Landmark Giant)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Russell Freedman (Newbery Award winning author)

Grades 7-9

Victory in the Pacific by Albert Marrin
World War II: The Pacific Theater by Phyllis Emert (first person accounts)

Grades 10-12

Day of Infamy: The Classic Account of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor by Walter Lord
Second World War by John Keegan
Victors: Eisenhower and His Boys by Stephen Ambrose

Complete lists of book recommendations for every reading level, and every detail of World War II history, as well as a comprehensive timeline of events, can be found in All Through the Ages History Through Literature Guide, pages 170-176.

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