economics for the citizen

“Last fall semester, I didn’t teach for the first time in 37 years. No, I haven’t retired. It was my semester-off reward for two terms as department chairman at George Mason University. A break is well deserved after a chairmanship — a job not unlike that of herding cats. During fall semesters, I typically teach our first-year Ph.D. microeconomics theory course. Out of a love for teaching, I’ve decided to not completely take off but deliver a few lectures on basic economic principles to my readership. We’ll name the series ‘Economics for the Citizen.’”

Lucky us, Walter Williams just completed the tenth and final essay in his Economics for the Citizen series. I have linked to the first essay, the links for essays 2 through 10 are found in the right sidebar of the first essay.

Also visit When Material Wealth is Not Enough for an interesting topic starter for discussion or research paper.

Rhetoric stage students (10-12 grades, or high school) study economics in their second year of applied history studies. Add these essays following Economics in One Lesson, for those following the CCH curriculum. (We are redoing applied history at CCH; active link coming soon!)


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