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older children “catching up” in classical education

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(Or in any educational method) Many children begin classical education, not in kindergarten, but come to it later from another educational method. One of the burning questions parents have is how to get their children “caught up” to where they should be in classical education. Classical education depends on a progression of knowledge. Parents will usually not be able […]

economics for the citizen

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“Last fall semester, I didn’t teach for the first time in 37 years. No, I haven’t retired. It was my semester-off reward for two terms as department chairman at George Mason University. A break is well deserved after a chairmanship — a job not unlike that of herding cats. During fall semesters, I typically teach our first-year Ph.D. microeconomics […]


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I was recently asked how to provide a Christian classical education for children that will not lead them to humanism. Let’s begin by defining terms. Humanism comes from the Latin humanitas, which means, “culture.” Today it means that philosophy which elevates the excellence of man, and is associated with secularism. Christians usually adhere to that philosophy which elevates […]

a return to biblical literacy

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The good news in this Breakpoint Commentary by Chuck Colson is that “In a survey commissioned by the Bible Literacy Project, Dr. Marie Wachlin interviewed forty-one top English teachers from American private and public schools. The Washington Times reports, ‘Nine out of 10 teachers who participated argued that knowledge of the Bible is crucial for a good education; 40 of […]