Restoring art

In modern times, ugly paintings, sculptures, and collections of
items have been hailed as the best art produced today. You and I always
knew they were not beautiful, but ugly, and that they could not be
“art” as we understand it: a reflection of beauty, a facet of God’s
nature. One of my favorite art websites is helping to restore the
definition of beautiful art. Visit the Art Renewal Center, the Internet's largest and most comprehensive masterworks image collection.

twist to the twisted modern redefinition of art is the practice of
taking the truly beautiful masters, stripping them of their moral and
biblical themes, and assigning degrading politically correct themes to
them. A new book released last month helps debunk the nonsense. The Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art
by Roger Kimball “shows how academic art history is increasingly held
hostage to radical cultural politics—feminism, cultural studies,
post-colonial studies, the whole armory of academic anti-humanism. To
make his point, Kimball shows how eight famous works of art have been
made over to fit a radical ideological fantasy. Kimball then performs a
series of intellectual rescue operations, showing how these great works
should be understood through a series of illuminating readings in which
art, not politics, guides the discussion.”

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