welcome to biblical homeschooling

welcome to biblical homeschooling

welcome to biblical homeschooling

Beyond classical homeschooling, there is biblical homeschooling. I am on a journey to discover its principles, roots, and practical and effective methods.

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Biblical Homeschooling started life as Classical Christian Homeschooling. CCH was my attempt to combine classical educational theory with Charlotte Mason educational theory and apply it to homeschooling, and was the method I used homeschooling my own children. The original Classical Christian Homeschooling website is still up but no longer updated. I am in the process of moving all that information here. However, I have continued to grow in understanding of effective and biblical teaching and learning, and this category will reflect that continued journey of discovery.

Are you looking for a unified curriculum with a similar educational philosophy, already laid out for you and your children? There is none better than Homeschooling Torah. Tell them Christine sent you.

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