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Homeschooling Torah | The planning's been done for you

This week I am highlighting a different small business every day. These are people I know personally, who are people of integrity and who do their work as unto the Lord. These businesses have blessed and benefited me, and I recommend them highly. (I may never be a famous blogger or author. But if that should ever happen, I will never have space on my website for ads. How can I advertise for people I don’t know? The only way a business could ever be featured, is if I know them personally, and recommend them simply because they are outstanding to do business with.) So, call them up with confidence. ♥

First up: Homeschooling Torah, a full service curriculum with the lesson plans already done for you. And, you don’t have to be “doing” Torah to use it (although anyone who knows me, knows I recommend all men everywhere “do” Torah, and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ!) The Scriptures are at the heart of the curriculum, and the methodology has been tested and tried and proven successful for many ages and many families in many situations. Tell them Christine sent you!

2 thoughts on “why I love homeschooling torah

    1. Hello Luella,

      I am assuming (although I could be wrong as you do not state this in your comment) that you object to the Torah portion of Scripture – Genesis through Deuteronomy – in the context of obedience to God’s commandments.

      I have written extensively on this topic and want to share a few links for those who are also wondering the same thing.

      Please start here:

      The Righteousness that is of Faith

      And continue with the four links at the bottom of the post.

      An index of these studies is here:
      Obedience has not Passed Away

      About Acts 15: The Jerusalem Council and Torah

      About Romans 10: Christ the Extremity of the Law

      About Galatians 5: Chiastic structure and Links to further studies

      About Colossians 2: That which has been Nailed to the Cross

      In the grace of Yeshua, and with love, Christine

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