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Cross and crown of thorns, the symbols of our Lord’s suffering for our sakes

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Classical Homeschooling:
an Oxymoron?

Educating Yourself

Setting Priorities

Beating Homeschool Burnout

Expert Opinion & Homeschooling

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Roman Mosaic of Street Musicians

Roman mosaic of street musicians by Dioscuris of Samos, 1st century A.D. Originally from Cicero’s villa; on display in Naples, Italy. Courtesy of Images From History.

Classical Homeschooling: an Oxymoron?

This article by Christine Miller explores the common premise that classical education is too hard for homeschoolers -- is that really true?

Educating Yourself

This article by Wes Callihan of Schola Classical Tutorials contains many helpful recommendations for homeschooling parents. (Off-site.)

Priorities in Homeschooling Classically

This article by Christine Miller explores the priorities we as homeschooling parents need to keep in mind as we tackle the job set before us.

Beating Homeschool Burnout

Why do we get burned out in homeschooling? How can we help ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually to do the job set before us without burning out? Where can we go when we have discovered our own limitations and have exhausted our own resources? Christine Miller addresses these questions.

Expert Opinion & Homeschooling

How much should we as homeschooling parents listen to the homeschooling, educational, and classical experts that surround us in our society? What is the place “expert opinion,” even of CCH, should have in our homeschool? This article by Christine Miller might surprise you.


Classical Christian Homeschooling’s FAQ page contains the answers to the questions from homeschooling parents that most often appear in our mailbox, such as what about teaching kindergarten, how to begin with older children, and more.

CCH Discussion Board

The on-line discussion forum for Classical Christian Homeschooling website visitors and users. Discuss Classical Christian Education as it applies to homeschooling, and CCH’s practical recommendations for each of the subjects in the trivium.

The Rhetoric Stage: Grades 10-12 CCH Curriculum

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