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April 2003


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The date of this Byzantine carved ivory of the crucifixion is uncertain, but probably 11th-13th century. Its home is the Mount Athos Monastery of Dionysiou in Greece. Courtesy of the Byzantine Images Gallery at Byzantine Studies on the Internet.

Ivory of the Crucifixion

The links that follow educate and/or offer books, resources or services for the benefit of families seeking to impliment a Classical Christian model of education in their homeschools or in private schools. These lists may not be exhaustive, although we try. We humbly welcome your suggestions as to how these pages may be improved. Please notify us of any other sites you feel should be here, or of any links that are broken. Thank you.

Information about
Classical Christian Education

General information about Classical education, the trivium, the seven liberal arts, or the history of education; essays regarding the need for a return to Classical and liberal education; the failure of modern educationism; and other related topics.

Resources for
Classical Christian Education

Catalogs, curriculum, services, and other related sites aimed at helping families educate classically. A new feature is the links to colleges that offer courses of classical study in the Christian and Western tradition.

Support for
Classical Christian Educators

In the past two years numerous avenues of support for classical homeschoolers and educators have arisen in the wake of the CE Support Loop, established in April of 1997. This page attempts to catagorize the links to all the various e-mail loops, discussion boards, newsletters, chat rooms, and other avenues of support for CCE homeschoolers and educators now available.

Classical Subjects

Extra help in the form of essays, articles, and educational sites that are compatible with teaching the subjects in the curriculum according to classical theory.

Classical Studies

University and other sites that specialize in studying the ancient, classical and medieval world; and Western Civilization and the Christian tradition in the West.

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