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Ivory of the Crucifixion Support for Classical Christian Educators

The links that follow categorize the e-mail loops, discussion boards, newsletters, chat rooms, and other avenues of support for CCE homeschoolers and educators now available. These lists may not be exhaustive, although we try. We humbly welcome your suggestions as to how these pages may be improved. Please notify us of any other sites you feel should be here, or of any links that are broken. Thank you.

E-mail Lists Discussion Boards & Chat Rooms Newsletters

E-mail Lists

Catholic Classical Education for Homeschoolers E-mail List
Members should be Catholics loyal to the Magasterium, who are implementing or seeking to implement Classical theory in their homeschool.

Christian Classical Education E-mail List
This list is for the discussion of Christian classical education as understood by the approach laid out by Dorothy Sayers in her essay and Doug Wilson in his books/publications. It is intended for the promotion and growth of the Christian classical movement in primary and secondary education, and is open to public and private educators, homeschoolers, and co-opers.

Christian Classical Education at Home E-mail List
This support group is for Christian families using the classical model of education. This group is devoted to the grammar stage -- (grades 2-5) and pre-grammar (K-1).

Classical Christian Education Support Loop
The original CE Loop. Although the Loop is full and closed to new members, their webpage contains articles on various topics of help to classical homeschoolers.

Classical Christian Homeschoolers E-mail List
The purpose of this list is to provide support and information to homeschooling families that incorporate Classical Christian methods into their homeschool. Homeschoolers want to learn more about the methods are encouraged to join too. We will focus on homeschooling older children, but messages about younger children are welcome.

Classical Curricula E-mail List
Classical Curricula is an e-mail list specifically for the connecting together of buyers and sellers of used curriculum commonly used in the classical approach to homeschooling. Applicants must already be a member of a classical approach e-mail list.

Classical Education Homeschooling E-mail List
This new list was the old ClassEd Loop. “We are accepting new members (Christian homeschoolers) with children of ALL STAGES! Come join us as we discuss all aspects of Classical Christian Education in the Homeschool. We have a distinct Statement of Faith, centered in the Protestant traditions. Among our members you will find users of a variety of curricula and methods relating to Classical Christian Education including Shurley Grammar, The Well Trained Mind, Veritas Press, Saxon Math, Singapore Math, IEW, etc.”

Classical Family E-mail List
Fellowship for Christian homeschooling families using the classical model of education (the Trivium).

The Classical Homeschool E-mail List
For those interested in a classical approach to homeschool education from the original trivium, and based on a Biblical worldview.

Dialectic & Rhetoric E-mail List
For Christian homeschoolers who are implementing the classical Trivium model of education for their middle school through senior high children. Subscribe here.

The Grammatist: Classical Lutheran Education
The Grammatist e-mail list serves pastors, parents, teachers, and school board members as a forum to ask questions and offer information about a Trivium-based classical Lutheran education.

Memoria Press E-mail List
This list is designed for those interested in classical Christian education in a home, cottage or private school environment, but with an emphasis on home and cottage schooling, and is moderated by Memoria Press.

Trivium Homeschooling E-mail List
The old ClassEd e-mail loop has evolved into the Trivium Homeschooling E-mail List. Get information and subscribe here.

Trivium Pursuit E-mail List
This is the e-mail list sponsored by the Bluedorns and Trivium Pursuit. Subscribe here and view the list archives.

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Discussion Boards & Chat Rooms

Classical Christian Homeschooling Chat Room
NOT ASSOCIATED with this Classical Christian Homeschooling website. The chat is sponsored by the ClassEd e-mail loop, and takes place every Tuesday evening beginning at 9:00 pm EST. The chat uses the free ICQ chat software. All information on downloading ICQ, setting it up, entering the chat, etc. can be found at the above address.

Classical Christian Homeschooling Discussion Forum
CCH’s own discussion forum, open to all website visitors and users. Discuss the practical application of the trivium to homeschooling, curriculum choices, and more.

Classical Christian Schooling Network Message Boards
The message boards and discussion forum sponsored by the Classical Christian Schooling Network. Currently there are four boards available: Pages from the Past, Used Curriculum, Classical Resources, and Job Openings (for private classical schools).

Classical Education at the PHS Forum
The link is not active because the boards are still being tested. (You can help them test the message board, but it is not an exclusively classical education board.) But the PHS Forum on AOL was *the* place to go for years to discuss classical education. It was where I first heard about it. Alas, when the PHS Forum left AOL several years back, the Classical Education message board went with them, and has not been seen since. This entry is here hoping it will reappear someday soon.

Escondido Tutorial Service Forums
The ETS Fourms for classical educators include the Classical Education Forum for general discussion regarding classical education, the Coffee Shop for the ETS Tutorial students and tutors, and the Great Books Forum for discussions of the Great Books assigned in Mr. Hinrich’s Great Books Tutorial.

Trivium Message Board
The Trivium Message Board is an open forum for discussing classical methods in the homeschool, sponsored by the ClassEd e-mail loop and open to all classical homeschoolers.

Well-Trained Mind Parents’ Forum
Come in and sound off, or read what other classically homeschooling parents are saying about The Well-Trained Mind, curricula, and classical education at home.

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ACCS Classis Newsletter
The online version of the bulletin of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, containing current articles, and ordering information for back issues and books and tapes of interest to Christian classicists.

BRCCS Letter
The Newsletter of the Baton Rouge Christian Classical School.

ClassEd Newsletter
This newsletter is compiled from the discussions of the ClassEd Loop for Christian Homeschoolers, and contains many practical ideas for implementing CE in the homeschool.

Classical Christian Schooling Network Digest
The CCS Network Digest is a bimonthly e-mail publication addressing issues of concern to Classical Christian homeschoolers and private schools. This unique publication has a panel of advisors to help answer questions, which include Wesley Callihan, Jim Nance, and other experts. There is no charge for a subscription to this helpful e-letter.

Foundations Academy Newsletter
Note:The newly redesigned website for the Foundations Academy is back up, without the online edition of their quarterly newsletter. Hopefully it will reappear someday.
The Foundations Academy is a classical school operating in Boise, Idaho. They publish a quarterly newsletter which they have kindly also made available on the net.

Magister: Online Newsletter from Memoria Press
From this page you can either subscribe to Magister to receive the newsletter via e-mail, view the past issues, or both.

Mercury: Newsletter of the Franklin Classical School
Online articles that have been published in the Mercury, written by parents, faculty, board members, or staff of the school. Mercury is a subpage of the King's Meadow Study Center.

Teaching the Trivium Magazine
The online version of the helpful magazine put out by the Bluedorns of Trivium Pursuit. Subscription information can also be found at this website.

Well-Trained Mind Newsletter
Edited by Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer, authors of The Well-Trained Mind. Susan Wise Bauer was educated classically at home by her mother, Jesse Wise. Susan is now teaching at the university level.

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