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Art and Culture

Books and Literature

Christianity and Biblical Studies

Home and Family

Homeschooling and Education

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Life, Liberty, and the
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Medieval Knights on Horseback

Illuminated manuscripts are the hand-copied and illustrated books of the middle ages, meticulously crafted in monastery scriptoriums before the invention of the printing press in the mid-fifteenth century. The image of knights on horseback is courtesy of the Lycos Image Gallery.

The links that follow are my personal favorites, from Art to Zoos, for serious study and goofing around, humbly offered for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

Archaeology, Art and Culture

This page containes links to both real and virtual museum sites of all kinds, online art sites for viewing the paintings of the great masters of western civilization, Biblical and other archaeology sites, history, science, and other cultural and “high-brow” sites of interest.

Books and Literature

This page contains links to sites detailing all aspects of books, book history, book collecting, out of print search services, used and out of print online booksellers, literary sites, and the literature of western civilization.

Christianity and Biblical Studies

This page contains links to Christian theology, Christian and Biblical worldview, Christian history, Biblical studies, and Christian living sites on the internet. Although some sites are exemplary and well-known, I have also tried to include some sites that are unique and not found on a zillion other Christian websites.

Home and Family

This page contains links to home making, decorating, organizing, and management sites, as well as Christian family, child rearing, and godly parenting sites. You will also find sites about gardening and country living.

Homeschooling and Education

This page contains links to CCH’s current “Why We Homeschool” Site of the Month and Past Sites of the Month, and many other quality links to sites covering all aspects of homeschooling and educational philosophy, history, and helps.

Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness

This page contains links to sites dealing with liberty and consitutional republican government, such as we are losing in America; the historical and modern political climate in America; government watchdog sites; offical government sites such as the Library of Congress’ Legislative Information, and more.

News and Politics

This page contains links to quality news sites which conform to the founders vision of a free press for a free people, as a watchdog on government. Lose liberal spin and keep up with the events of the day from a conservative perspective.

Research and Information

This page contains links to research sites and sites specializing in finding information. Some excellent online encyclopedias and internet directories are also represented.

Just for Fun

This page contains links to games and puzzle sites, Christian reviews of movies and television shows, and other miscellaneous sites that are just fun to spend a little free time in.

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