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Medieval Knights on Horseback Just for Fun Links

This page contains links to games and puzzle sites, Christian reviews of movies and television shows, and other miscellaneous sites that are just fun to spend a little free time in.

Board Games @ About.com
We love playing games at family get-togethers. (We are masters at Sets, Dominoes, and Farkle.) Besides links to all the standard board games, this site pulls together information on all aspects of board gaming, such as locating hard to find games, game rules, playing checkers, backgammon, MahJongg, Scrabble, party games, all the standard board games, and more. The About.com games site also features specific helps for playing card games, puzzles (a highly recommended site), Chess, and more.

Calvin & Hobbes
Calvin is back! Each day this website reissues an original Calvin and Hobbes strip, 11 years after it was originally published.

Christian Spotlight on the Movies
Christian reviews to hundreds of secular and Christian movies, including current releases. A free service of Eden Communications, a ministry of Films for Christ.

GORP: Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
If you like to go camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, or just want information on our national parks or ideas for some fun things to do together as a family, these pages are a great place to start.

Great Dinosaur Mystery
One of the world’s largest and most unique dinosaur sites on the web, and what’s even better: all the information is presented from a biblical, creationist perspective.

Puzzles @ Random
We occasionally play word puzzles as it helps us all to think about language in new ways. We maintain subscriptions to Logic Puzzles magazine, available from this site. Here you can also play sample puzzles, get Stan’s crossword hint of the day, and be sure to check into the new logic puzzle book, The Riddle of Scheherezade.

Scriptorium Fonts & Graphic Arts
The Scriptorium produces beautiful digital fonts, most reminiscent of the elegant hand-lettered styles produced in monastery scriptoriums. Also look for the digital art of many famous 19th century illustrators here: William Morris, Howard Pyle, H. J. Ford, and many others.

Star Trek Continuum
We did say that some of these sites would be just for fun!

Stephanie’s Thoughtful Spot
Sing Ho! for the life of a bear! Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne was our children’s favorite story in this house when they were younger, followed closely by The House at Pooh Corner. The Thoughtful Spot is one of the best of the best Classic Pooh sites on the web. Anyone else that loves the silly old bear would enjoy this collection of Pooh Corner bookmarks.

TV Spotlight
Many parents watch so little TV themselves that they need a guide to what’s on. Christian parents have compiled this rating system of current TV shows, both new and in syndication, and have ranked them as either recommended, usually okay, use caution, or avoid; many of the shows have elicited additional comments which can be read online. Brought to you by Christian Spotlight on the Movies.

Wisdom Tree
Wisdom Tree is a Christian company that designs computer and video games. We have some of their games, and they are wonderful, not only for their attention to Biblical details, but are also multi-faceted and fun for all ages. Their adventure games are a combination of adventure and problem solving; you will not win just by having the most dexterious hand on the game controller; you will have to think and solve the problem in order to advance, and you get rewarded the more Biblical knowledge and details you remember. These games are family favorites.

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