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Ivory of the Crucifixion Classical Christian Education Resources

The links that follow to catalogs, curriculum, services, and other related sites are aimed at helping families educate classically. These lists may not be exhaustive, although we try. We humbly welcome your suggestions as to how these pages may be improved. Please notify us of any other sites you feel should be here, or of any links that are broken. Thank you.

Catalogs & Curriculum Services Classical Colleges

Catalogs & Curriculum

Calvert School
Calvert School has a home instruction department that allows homeschoolers to utilize Calvert’s curriculum in pursuing a classical education at home.

Canon Press Catalogue
Many wonderful resources for the classical community come out of Moscow, Idaho; including this catalogue. Canon Press publishes Introductory Logic by Douglas Wilson, and the Latin Primers, just to name a few.

CCH Curriculum & Online Catalog
Specific curriculum suggestions for teaching and applying the Trivium, organized by stage or subject, and linked to CCH’s Online Catalog in association with Amazon.com.

Classical Curricula E-mail List
Classical Curricula is an e-mail list specifically for the connecting together of buyers and sellers of used curriculum commonly used in the classical approach to homeschooling. Applicants must already be a member of a classical approach e-mail list, such as CCH’s E-mail List, which is open to all classical homeschoolers and visitors of the CCH website.

Cornerstone Curriculum Project
Curriculum for building a Biblical worldview, by David and Shirley Quine, authors of Let Us Highly Resolve and Worldviews of the Western World.

Covenant Home Curriculum
Covenant Home is a provider of a full, eclectic, classical approach, K-12 curriculum for homeschoolers with a Reformed world-view.

Kolbe Academy
Founded in 1980, Kolbe Academy has been a pioneer in the movement to restore classical education to Catholic schools. They offer an orthodox Catholic and classical home school program for grades K-12.

Logos School Materials Catalog
As the Cassical Christian school rebirth continues, Logos School is endeavoring to help newly forming schools by supplying the materials they have created and found beneficial.

Memoria Press
Excellent materials in Latin and Logic, specializing in helping the homeschool parent and private school teacher needing to learn along with their students. Additional curriculum is planned for the upcoming school year.

Nothing New Press
Nothing New Press is attempting to bring back into print those excellent curriculum materials used in classical schools from the centuries past. Currently they are reprinting Guerber’s engaging histories of Western Civilization for the grammar stage, with more materials forthcoming.

Tree of Life School
Tree of Life School is a home-based service operated by Mike and Debbie Flewelling. Mike is a professional educator and Debbie has been homeschooling for 11 years. Using quality products, Tree of Life has put together an affordable, family oriented, Classical course of study especially suited to meet the needs of each family they serve.

Trivium Pursuit Catalog
Products offered through Trivium Pursuit, which the Bluedorn family endorse and use in their own homeschool.

Veritas Press
Offering quality tools for a Classical Christian education, Veritas Press’ catalog can be ordered through this site.

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Classical Education Support Loop
The CE Support Loop was formed in April of 1997 to provide help, fellowship, and support for homeschooling mothers who were seeking to implement Classical Christian Educational theory in their homeschools. Their homepage includes information to help other CE Loops start up, articles based on their discussions on various topics, the 1000 Good Books List, Latin Curriculum Reviews, and more.

Domus Preparatory School
Domus Preparatory School offers Latin, Greek, Logic, Rhetoric, and Great Books tutorials to private, public, and homeschool students seeking instruction not available in their current educational setting. Three levels of Latin and Greek instruction are currently offered leading to certificates in Latin and Classical Studies and/or college credit.* The tutor is a Christian with an impressive background in classical studies. Domus Preparatory School is independent of the ETS family of tutorial services.

Escondido Tutorial Service
Escondido Tutorial Service is dedicated to bringing Classical Christian education to homeschoolers via the internet. Besdies the tutorials in Great Books, Math, and Greek provided by Mr. Hinrichs, ETS has a growing family of tutors and tutorial services that operate under the ETS umbrella, offering classes in everything from the History of Art to Economic Philosophy and back. Rather than duplicate the entire ETS family of tutorial services on this page, with which I could not possibly hope to keep up, please visit Tutorials Available Through ETS for a complete and up to date listing of all that is available.

Institute for the Study of the Liberal Arts & Sciences
The Institute for Study of the Liberal Arts & Sciences (ISLAS) specializes in internet based tutorial programs inspired by the Classical model of the Trivium and Quadrivium. ISLAS supports a consortium of Catholic and Protestant educators whose courses are open to all who wish to study our shared heritage while respecting differences in matters of Faith. Catholic educators offer courses through the Regina Coeli Academy College Prep program and Junior High program. Protestant educators offer courses through Scholar’s Online Academy College Prep program and Agnus Dei Junior High Program.

Olive Tree Academy
Olive Tree Academy is a independent Study/Support Group in California for those using the Classical Christian Method in the home education of their children.

Schola Classical Tutorials
Schola Classical Tutorials offers group tutorials, both over the internet and locally, in the subjects of a classical liberal arts curriculum: classical languages, the great books of literature and history, rhetoric, and logic.

Studium Discere Tutorials
Tutor Peter Roise is halfway through New St. Andrew’s College and has been accepted to Greyfriar’s Ministerial Hall upon his graduation from New St. Andrew’s. His tutorial service is modeled after Schola Classical Tutorials. His mentors include Douglas Wilson, Christopher Schlect, Douglas Jones, and Wesley Callihan.

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Classical Colleges

Let’s face it; there aren’t many colleges out there pursuing a classical Christian education beyond the trivium. But there are a few. Here’s links to ones that I am aware of, plus a few other helpful college-related sites that I have collected as our oldest daughter is nearing college-age.

Classical Colleges
This anotated list by Fritz Hinrichs at Escondido Tutorial Service is a helpful starting place.

Hillsdale College
A conservative college in Michigan with a strong tradition in the foundation of Western Civilization.

New St. Andrew’s College
Yes, in Moscow, Idaho. Need we say more?

St. John’s College
The Great Books college, and Mr. Hinrich’s alma mater. Campuses are located in Maryland and New Mexico.

Thomas Aquinas College
A Catholic college in California where students, instead of attending crowded lecture hall classes, read and discuss the Western Canon with their tutors (professors). Very classical in emphasis.

College Board Online
Very helpful in registering for the SAT, and other pertinent information.

Colleges that Stand Behind Creation
Yes, many Christian colleges and universities have compromised with the world and jumped the Integrity of Scripture ship. But not these. Literal Creation is central to Christian doctrine; therefore, I would rather my children attend a “regular” college that stands behind it, than a classical college that doesn’t. (That statement is not meant to imply that the classical colleges on this page do not stand behind a literal Creation.)

Colleges that Admit Homeschoolers
This is the extensive list maintained at the School is Dead - Learn in Freedom! site. Colleges appearing on this list do not necessarily claim to be Christian or Classical. Besides the links to colleges, this page has numerous other helps for homeschoolers seeking to enter college.

The Quest for Authentic Higher Learning
This excellent booklet by Douglas Wilson and Roy Atwood is now available online.

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