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Why the history of western civilization

Biblical history and chronology vs. evolutionary history and chronology

History vs. social studies

History from real books, not text books

On the use of real books in the elementary curriculum
On the use of real books in the secondary curriculum

The stages of history learning

History knowledge (grammar) or, acquisition
History understanding (dialectic) or, analyzation
History wisdom (rhetoric) or, application

Recommended history resources

2 thoughts on “HISTORY INDEX

  1. Hello, Christine! Would you mind sharing with me briefly what you understand the difference to be between history and social studies? I see that the item above has not been expounded upon yet. Do you know when you might be continuing to fill out these topics in more detail? I truly appreciate your perspective on homeschooling matters. Thank you.

    1. The focus of social studies is cultures, and the focus of history is events along a progression of time. To study the culture divorced from its foundation of events gives a skewed view. Any time you divorce a subject from its foundation, you get a skewed and not a true view.

      As far as filling in the detail, I apologize for the delay. Some of you may know that our home was devastated by Hurricane Irma in September of 2017, and since that time I have had to be employed full time outside the home to help with the costs of repairs. As soon as we finish rebuilding the house so that we can live in it again, I can go back to working on this website, and alittleperspective.com, and writing. I am hoping by sometime in the summer of 2018? If anyone feels to led to help or share our Go Fund Me, we have more info about that and our hurricane recovery here: http://www.alittleperspective.com/hurricane-irma-recovery/ Thank you!

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