the law of love

The Law of Love by Christine Miller | Nothing New Press

The Law of Love by Christine Miller | Nothing New PressMy first book based on the Bible studies I have been posting here daily for the past four years, is now available! I started with the question, are there really two different Gods portrayed in the Scriptures, the vengeful, wrathful, angry, and judgmental God of the Old Testament, and the loving, merciful, gracious and forgiving God of the New Testament? The Law of Love explores the Torah looking for the answer to that question, using the teaching tools of scripture. As any regular reader of Christine’s Bible Study knows, we found instead the God who is love, even (especially) in the Torah. Instead we found the Law of the God who is love. We found the Law of Love. Because we have misunderstood the unique way Torah “writes about Messiah” (Joh 5:46), we have misunderstood not only the Law, but the nature of the God of the Old Testament. In this book, I hope to prove from the Scripture that the Law of God is the Law of Love, which expresses the nature of the God who is love!

The Law of Love is available through Nothing New Press.

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