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Why Classical Christian Education

The links that follow attempt to explain why, in this day and age, we need to return to an educational model that is two thousand years old. These lists may not be exhaustive, although we try. We humbly welcome your suggestions as to how these pages may be improved. Please notify us of any other sites you feel should be here, or of any links that are broken. Thank you.

Biblical Antithesis in Education by Doug Wilson
Education is not neutral. How does our worldview affect our educating, and which worldview produces truly educated persons? Read on.

Classical Education by Fritz Hinrichs
This article is adapted from a speech given by Fritz Hinrichs at the 1995 Homeschool Curriculum fair in San Diego, California. It addresses what Classical Education is, and why we need to return to it in our day.

Labor, Leisure, & Liberal Education
by Mortimer J. Adler, author of How to Read a Book. Dr. Adler expounds on the differences between liberal and vocational education, with a lucid analysis of their effect on man and his society.

Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers
This essay, really a speech given by Dorothy Sayers at Oxford University in the 1940’s, is largely responsible for the snowballing resurgence of interest in Classical Education.

Motivation in Education by Fritz Hinrichs
“Education must transfer from generation to generation the core of our culture’s accumulated body of knowledge.” So begins a brilliant exposition of the role of education in our lives, and why that education must be classical.

Outcome-Based Education vs. Trivium-Based Education
This excellent article from the Bluedorns compares modern educationism with the trivium model. In the process, they make the trivium model clear, and why we need it in this day and age.

Theology of Wonder: The Goal of Education
From a speech given by Maurice Velasquez, outlining the goal of a classical and Christian education: the communicating of a way of life from one generation to the next.

Tools for Your Children
This is the text of a talk given by C. Michael Holloway at an Open House for Calvary Covenant School on 18 February 1999. In it, he discusses the two reasons why Classical Christian Education can recover the lost tools of learning.

Trivium: Does it Really Work?
By Patch Blakey, executive director for ACCS. “It all seems so simple and obvious, yet it [the trivium] is not the pedagogical diet that most of us have been fed in our own education. We don’t have any first hand data to use in making a comparative analysis. As a result, some questions may linger as to the viability of such a system of education. Who wants their child to invest twelve precious years of his short life and find out afterwards that it was a bad investment? So, is the Trivium applied consistently in any discipline today with success?” Yes!

Why Classical Education by Fritz Hinrichs
Tackles the questions, “What is Classical Education?” and “Why is it necessary in our day?”

Why Johnny Can’t Think by Walter Karp
Subtitled The Politics of Bad Schooling. Mr. Karp’s documented article illumines the success of government schools in not giving our children the tools of learning.

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