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There are two types of sites on this page: those espousing a literal Genesis creation account to explain the origins of man and the universe, and those dealing with the life and art of the Stone Age. It is our belief that people migrating north away from the Asia Minor /Babel area after Noah’s flood, encountering ice age conditions, did spend time hunting- gathering in a stone age society in Europe. Some of the websites dealing with the Stone Age make statements regardng the evolution of man.

Center for Scientific Creation
Dedicated to origins research, the Center for Scientific Creation is directed by Dr. Walt Brown, retired Air Force colonel, Army paratrooper and ranger, West Point graduate, National Science Foundation Fellow with a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from MIT, and numerous other credentials. Dr. Brown’s new book, In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, can be read online at this site.

Creation Research, Science Education Foundation
Biblically based site contians an extensive, uplifting section on evidences for creation with evolutionary arguments and rebuttals.

Creation Research Society
“The Creation Research Society is a professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation.” The scientists’ credentials, from all over the country, and in every scientific endeavor, are outstanding. Articles from their journal are available online.

Creation Science
This is a very readable and well- organized site by professionals with graduate degrees in engineering and computer science; and is a good place to begin the study of creation science before attempting the scholarly articles from the above sites. Also check their extensive Creation Science on the Web links.

Creation Science Evangelism
Home of Dr. Kent Hovind and his $10,000 offer to evolutionists to prove evolutionary theory using empirical evidence, the way other scientific theories are proven. Evolutionists, where are you? Since 1990, no one has won the $10,000, and his offer still stands! This site is loaded with lots of useful information from Dr. Hovind’s seminars.

Mysterious Places: Stonehenge
Absolutely beautiful photographs illustrate the text delving into the mystery of Stonehenge. The site brings up the point that the construction seems remarkable for “supposedly primitive people,” inadvertantly emphasizing the creationist perspective that man was created fully intelligent and gifted, rather than evolving thus.

The Mystery of Ancient Man
Colossal stone monuments. Advanced civil engineering. Lost civilizations … No, it’s not the plot for an adventure movie! But peeking into our ancient past reveals a true story far more interesting … From the wonderful Answers in Genesis site. Other especially pertinent articles include Dinosaurs: Discover the Truth, Questions and Answers about Noah's Flood, and The Sixteen Grandsons of Noah.

Answers in Genesis
“Defending the Bible from the very first verse.” Answers in Genesis is a wonderful organization dedicated to making known the truth of Genesis and the Word of God, supported by science and archaeology.

Institute for Creation Research
Every menu button takes you to pages simply packed with excellent information! It would take a considerable amount of time to study everything ICR has put into their website: articles from their journal, online tracts and pamphlets, complete daily radio broadcasts from the past two years that can be listened to online or downloaded for later, articles and activities for children, and so much more. Special mention must be made of their very well organized and easy to use online store with extensive reviews of the many books and audiovisual materials they make available.

ABC’s of the Flood
An online alphabet book for young children telling the story of Noah and the Flood. Coloring pages can also be printed from this site.

Flints and Stones
A reconstruction, based on archaeological evidence, of the daily life of stone age peoples. I would recommend children go through this site with a parent, after reading and understanding the excellent information in The Great Dinosaur Mystery.

Great Dinosaur Mystery
One of the world’s largest and most unique dinosaur sites on the web, and what’s even better: all the information is presented from a biblical, creationist perspective. A truly wonderful site, for children and adults alike!

Art of the Palaeolithic
An overview of palaeolithic art, including cave paintings, and a good place to begin the study. All the theories are mentioned with disclaimers as to their being conjecture at this point.

Decorated Paleolithic Cave
This cave is a new discovery in the Ardèche region of France, and because of its large variety of animals and other artistic characteristics shown, has turned the prehistoric art world upside down. “This latest discovery in the Ardèche ... illustrates the extent of our ignorance of the subject.”

Paleolithic Painted Cave of Lascaux
The Lascaux Cave in France is the grand- daddy of the cave paintings caves. This page includes many high-quality images from Lascaux and nice links, including the official Lascaux page by the French Ministry of Culture, for further study.

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