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About Classical Christian Education

The links that follow provide information families seeking to impliment a Classical Christian model of education in their homeschools can use. These lists may not be exhaustive, although we try. We humbly welcome your suggestions as to how these pages may be improved. Please notify us of any other sites you feel should be here, or of any links that are broken. Thank you.

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Annotated Bibliography On Classical Education
Organized Somewhat Chronologically: Ancient, Renaissance, and Modern; Eclectic, Arbitrary, and Incomplete by Wesley Callihan of Schola Classical Tutorials. A wonderful list of books that expound on classical education in various ways, from Quintilian to Classical Education & the Home School, by Douglas, Jones, and Callihan.

Applying the Trivium
A monthly column regarding the practical application of Classical Educational theory maintained by the Classical Christian Schooling Network.

Books About Liberal Education
A bibliography of books about a liberal and classical education from St. John’s College.

Christian Education: a World View Plan
By David Quine of the Cornerstone Curriculum Project, and author of Let Us Highly Resolve. The priority, plan, and prayer for developing a Biblical worldview in our children.

Classical and Christian Education
“What is Classical and Christian Education in five words or less? It is getting back to the future. ... That’s what is meant by “classical education”--an educational philosophy which is both proven and improves its students.” By Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D.

Classical Education by Fritz Hinrichs
This article is adapted from a speech given by Fritz Hinrichs at the 1995 Homeschool Curriculum fair in San Diego, California. It addresses what Classical Education is, and why we need to return to it in our day.

Classical Education by Douglas Wilson
This article, which originally appeared in Practical Homeschooling Magazine, is a good introduction to Classical Education by one of the pioneers in the field.

Classical Education and the Home School
This wonderful book about classical education at home is now available on the internet to download in PDF format.

Classical Education and the Gospel
by Douglas Wilson. Another excellent article orginally appearing in Credenda Agenda, exploring the relationship between the two.

Classical Education from the Classical Academy
The Classical Academy is a classical charter school operating in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This web article is designed to help parents understand the classical philosophy of the Academy.

Classical Education: New Models of the Liberal Arts
By Gene Edward Veith and Andrew Kern. Read “excerpts from a new book published by Capital Research Center—Classical Education: Towards the Revival of American Schooling. Authors Gene Edward Veith, Jr. and Andrew Kern introduce us to a more rigorous understanding of liberal arts education that is transforming learning for growing numbers of students and that is challenging the forces of multiculturalism and political correctness in higher education.”

Classical Worldview by Fritz Hinrichs
An excellent article that makes the case for homeschooling as the means to an excellent classical education.

Cornerstone Curriculum’s FAQ
A treasure trove of excellent articles by David and Shirley Quine of the Cornerstone Curriculum Project, on many areas of interest, especially in developing a Biblical worldview in our children.

Four Myths about Classical & Christian Education
More help from the Foundations Academy. “As thousands of parents adopt Classical and Christian education, many more are left with questions. Unfamiliarity with the classical method seems to have given rise to some common myths. While you may find some truth in each myth, we believe your concerns about classical education will begin to fade as your knowledge increases.”

Future of Homeschooling
Fritz Hinrichs shows us why Classical Education is the future of homeschooling.

Interview with Doug Wilson
Conducted by Michael Holloway, Chairman of the Calvary Covenant School Board, in December of 1994, regarding Mr. Wilson’s experiences with Classical Education and Logos School.

Is Classical Education for the Intellectual Elite?
by Jennifer Schwilling for the ClassEd Newsletter. This is a compilation of a discussion from a group of classically homeschooling moms, and the question is a common misconception.

Introduction to Classical Education by Fritz Hinrichs
Just what the title implies, by someone that knows the subject.

Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers
This essay, really a speech given by Dorothy Sayers at Oxford University in the 1940’s, is largely responsible for the snowballing resurgence of interest in Classical Education.

Necessity of the Biases of Classical Education
by Robert Fulcher of the Franklin Classical School. Explores the three biases of classical education -- language, history, and culture -- and their importance and interelation.

Outcome-Based Education vs. Trivium-Based Education
This excellent article from the Bluedorns compares modern educationism with the trivium model. In the process, they make the trivium model clear.

Parent’s Primer on Classical & Christian Education
This outline is a good overview of the subject, prepared by Foundations Academy, an ACCS school in Boise, Idaho.

Preparing Younger Children by Wesley Callihan
Originally part of Mr. Callihan’s Schola Classical Tutorials, Preparing Younger Children for a Great Books Education contain his thought and experience both as a secondary and university level great books instructor, and as a homeschooling father of six.

Preparing Your Child by Fritz Hinrichs
Another fine essay from the pen of Mr. Hinrichs. How to prepare your children to study the Great Books successfully in their teen years.

Proposal for the Fulfillment of Catholic Liberal Education
This document is from Thomas Aquinas College, a Catholic college emulating the classical tradition in education. While Catholic in emphasis, the article makes many worthy points concerning the traditional liberal education which should be thoughtfully considered.

Redundancy of Christian Education
by Martin Detweiler of Veritas Press. “The term “Christian education” is redundant. In a very real and substantial sense it is repetitious to call education Christian.” Read on.

Renaissance, Not Reform by Dr. Gene Edward Veith
“The classical education movement promises to be a catalyst not only for educational reform but for educational renaissance.” So says Dr. Veith, professor of Humanities and Dean of Arts and Sciences at Concordia University in Wisconsin. This article gives a general background on classical education and cites three examples of their use in primary and secondary schools.

Renewing the American Dream for Education
A Family Research Council article contrasting Classical education with modern educationism.

Return to Classical Standards
An informative article from the ACCS Classis Newsletter, concerning the return to classical standards in education, and more broadly, in all areas of life.

Seven Liberal Arts
This encyclopedia entry from the Catholic Encyclopedia details the medieval seven liberal arts, three of which, grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric, formed the trivium.

Stages of the Trivium
A practical chart detailing the application of the trivium from the Berean Academy, an ACCS member school.

Trivium in Biblical Perspective by Robert R. Booth
“The substance of the classical model is rooted in scripture, for only in the context of the fear of God can genuine knowledge, understanding, and wisdom be attained,” says Robert Booth.

Vision for Classical and Christian Education
By Douglas Wilson, addressing where classical Christian education is headed, or should be headed.

What is a Christian Classical Education?
From the Baton Rouge Christian Classical School.

What is a Classical Christian Education?
by Marlin Detweiler of Veritas Press. A general introduction and overview of Classical Christian Education.

What is a Classical Education?
From the Well-Trained Mind, this article attempts to provide a basic understanding of classical education.

What is the Trivium? by Harvey & Laurie Bluedorn
The trivium according to the Bluedorns, publishers of Teaching the Trivium Magazine and the Trivium Pursuit Catalog.

What We Mean by Classical
From Logos School in Moscow Idaho. Also see What We Mean by Christian.

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ACCS Classis Newsletter
The online version of the bulletin of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, containing current articles, and ordering information for back issues and books and tapes of interest to Christian classicists.

BRCCS Letter
The Newsletter of the Baton Rouge Christian Classical School.

ClassEd Newsletter
This newsletter is compiled from the discussions of the ClassEd Loop for Christian Homeschoolers, and contains many practical ideas for implementing CE in the homeschool.

Classical Christian Schooling Network Digest
The CCS Network Digest is a bimonthly e-mail publication addressing issues of concern to Classical Christian homeschoolers and private schools. This unique publication has a panel of advisors to help answer questions, which include Wesley Callihan, Jim Nance, and other experts. There is no charge for a subscription to this helpful e-letter.

Foundations Academy Newsletter
Note:The newly-redesigned website for the Foundations Academy is back up, without their quarterly newsletter. Perhaps it will reappear someday.
The Foundations Academy is a classical school operating in Boise, Idaho. They publish a quarterly newsletter which they have kindly also made available on the net.

Magister: Online Newsletter from Memoria Press
From this page you can either subscribe to Magister to receive the newsletter via e-mail, view the past issues, or both.

Mercury: Newsletter of the Franklin Classical School
Online articles that have been published in the Mercury, written by parents, faculty, board members, or staff of the school. Mercury is a subpage of the King’s Meadow Study Center.

Teaching the Trivium Magazine
The online version of the helpful magazine put out by the Bluedorns of Trivium Pursuit. Subscription information can also be found at this website.

Well-Trained Mind Newsletter
Edited by Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer, authors of The Well-Trained Mind. Susan Wise Bauer was educated classically at home by her mother, Jesse Wise. Susan is now teaching at the university level.

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CCE Webpages

Here I have attempted to list in one place all the webpages of which I am aware which have as their main theme, in one way or another, Classical and Christian Education (besides CCH, of course). Although some links are duplicated here from the CCE Resources page, it is because as well as resources, there are also articles and other helps which increase our understanding of CCE.

Association of Classical & Christian Schools
Their mission is to both promote the classical approach, and provide help and accountability to member schools. Homeschools may also join ACCS. This site contains lots of helpful information.

Baton Rouge Christian Classical School
This ACCS member school webpage has some helpful articles and a wonderful Related Links page.

Classical Christian Schooling Network
While here, be sure to check into their awesome Links to Online Resources, which contains many additional articles, essays and sites concerned with Classical Education and related topics.

Classical Education Links
Annotated links to information about Classical Education on the internet by Finding Homeschool Support on the Internet.

Cornerstone Resource Center
Home of Cornerstone Home Academy, an affiliate member of ACCS. An extensive site of links having to do with Classical Christian Education, the Reformed faith, home education, general education, and other topics of interest to home schoolers.

Escondido Tutorial Service
Fritz Hinrichs has numerous articles regarding classical Christian education (many which are linked directly from this page.) Please also check the ETS Classical Resources page.

Foundations Academy
Foundations Academy is a classical school in Boise, Idaho, with a helpful webpage regarding classical and Christian education.

Greek 'n Stuff’s Cool Classical Links
Greek 'n Stuff maintains a links page to mostly classical language links of high quality.

King’s Meadow Study Center
Home of Dr. George Grant Ministries, the Covenant Classical School Association, and more resources which help promote classical and Christian education in its full context of living the Christian life.

Logos School & Curriculum
Logos School in Moscow, Idaho was one of the first classical Christian schools in the country. Their site offers an explanation of Classical Christian Education and a materials catalog.

Memoria Press
Memoria Press produces materials to use in pursuing a classical education, and has many helpful articles at their website.

Parker Family’s Classical Christian Education Links
The Parker’s homeschool classically in Colorado. They have several nice links pages regarding Classical Christian Education.

Schola Classical Tutorials
Wes Callihan has numerous resources regarding classical Christian education (many of which are linked directly from this page.) Please also check his helpful Internet Resources for Classical Education page for more classical links.

Trivium Pursuit
The homepage of the Bluedorn family, who publish Teaching the Trivium magazine and the Trivium Pursuit Catalog. Be sure to visit the Links for Learning page for even more help in pursuing classical home education.

Well-Trained Mind
The homepage of Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer, authors of The Well-Trained Mind, which documents their classical homeschool journey.

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