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Election 2000

I have archived the previous page of Election 2000 links. We’ll begin over again on this page, this time detailing the course of events, the vote fraud, and most importantly, what we can do to preserve the Constitution and the rule of law in our country. If we didn’t act before the election, we absolutely cannot afford to neglect action now. Raise your voice, before you lose the right to raise it.

“Those who cast votes decide nothing. Those who count votes decide everything.” Josef Stalin

Is the Dispute Over?
The Washington Times points out that Florida already has an official slate of electors. After Secretary of State Katherine Harris certified George W. Bush the winner of Florida’s 25 electoral votes, Gov. Jeb Bush signed a “Certificate of Ascertainment” and sent it to the Archivist of the United States. To begin, the media keep saying Florida must appoint its electors by Dec. 12. This is true, but irrelevant, because Florida already has appointed its electors. The best a Gore-leaning court could do would be to set up a conflict among competing slates. But, under the law, electors who hold a Certificate of Ascertainment signed by the governor have an immense advantage in any congressional dispute over the electoral vote count. The rules are tricky, but the bottom line is that a certificate signed by the executive of a state prevails unless it is rejected by both houses of Congress. See the Certificates of Ascertainment of all 50 states at the National Archives and Records Administration website.

Wall Street Journal Best of the Web Archive
The best insightful commentary and news articles, mostly on the election crisis, updated three times a week.

The Fight’s Not Worth the Price, Al
Dec. 5, 2000: At last, American democracy has found an honest man who is willing to rise above party and deal only with the law. Judge N. Sanders Sauls, a Democrat who likely just destroyed his career, deserves a place in any future update of Profiles in Courage.

Controlling Legal Authority
Dec. 5, 2000: Would you like to understand the text of the U.S. Supreme Court decision below, as well as the significance of the multiple Florida court decisions handed down over the last two days? Here it is.

The U.S. Supreme Court Decision
Dec. 4, 2000: The Supreme Court vacated, or nullified, the decision of the Florida Supreme Court which allowed for a later deadline for vote count certifications than was indicated by the Florida statute; and also remanded the case back to the Florida Supreme Court, asking them to clarify upon what legal authority they usurped the powers of the state legislature to write election law in apparant violation of Art. II, 1, cl. 2 of the Constitution, and whether they considered that it is illegal to change the rules governing elections after the election has been held according to 3 U.S.C. 5.

Ugly Tactics Put Stress on Electors
Dec. 4, 2000: Carole Jean Jordan, one of 25 Republican Florida presidential electors, got an e-mail so disturbing she turned it over to Vero Beach police as evidence. “It was ugly, threatening,” Miss Jordan said. “It was telling me I would be sorry for this.”

Rule or Ruin: the Clinton Legacy
Dec. 4, 2000: Al Gore is now Borking Florida’s election results. With its unerring sense of drama, fate has provided the perfect capstone for the Clinton Presidency. We always should have known the Clinton legacy would be rule-or-ruin politics, as now waged in Florida by his putative successor.

Why Rules Matter More Than Results
Dec. 4, 2000: Changing the rules for counting election results in mid-stream, and the audacity of Al Gore to think that it is the results, and not the rules, that matter. By Michael Barone for U.S. News and World Reports.

Divide and Divide Again
Dec. 3, 2000: A particularly honest look at the state of the division in the country and how the post-election fracas is adding fuel to the fire. By Al Knight, a Denver Post columnist.

Forgive Me, William, Antonin, Clarence
Dec. 2, 2000: Throughout the campaign, in stump speeches, press interviews and debates, Al Gore repeatedly warned voters that George W. Bush would pack the high court with more “ultra-right-wing” troglodytes -- hell-bent on dragging the nation back to the Dark Ages. He singled out William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas for rebuke. ... Now he might not be able to get elected without them. Call it poetic justice.

Out Clintoning Clinton
Dec. 2, 2000: Al Gore takes postmodernism to its logical conclusion and leads liberal politics to an all-time low, by Gene Edward Veith for World Magazine. Excellent, important reading.

Dangerous Al
I posted a commentary before the election that I believed Gore more dangerous than Clinton, because he deeply believes in his self-appointed mission to save the world. As one columnist put it, Gore put the ‘me’ in ‘messiah.’ His post-election behavior has confirmed a dangerous trend -- the messiah complex, the dismissing long-time advisors who dare to offer a dissenting opinion -- this mirrors the actions of other famous leaders of the 20th century on their respective rises to power: Lenin and Hitler.

Al Gore’s Ultimate Entitlement
Nov. 30, 2000: Most people associate liberal Democrats with entitlement programs, but Vice President Al Gore has claimed the ultimate entitlement: the office of President of the United States. In his televised mini-sermon Monday night, Gore appealed to the nation to allow him to have the job for which he was to the manor born. By Cal Thomas.

Here’s What They’re Saying
As Democrats begin abandoning Gore like rats jumping a sinking ship, the George W. Bush website is keeping a list of statements prominent Democrats have made to the press, encouraging the Vice President to fold up his tent and go home.

To the High Court
Nov. 29, 2000: the rundown on the case before the U.S. Supreme Court, from the Washington Post. See also the transcripts of the Supreme Court hearing on Friday, Dec. 1.

The Graceless Partisan Selfishness of Al Gore
Nov. 28, 2000: Well, this cogent and insightful analysis is typical of what they’re saying “across the pond”, from the Daily Telegraph, London’s largest daily newspaper.

The Risk Mr. Gore is Taking
Nov. 28, 2000: Elections in a stable democracy can be exciting, contentious and even nasty, but they should never become uncertain. One senses that the Democratic Party, in its ferocious power hunger, has lost sight of every competing virtue. To put it charitably, one hopes that Al Gore does not really understand that he is playing with fire.

Bush Certified Florida Winner; Gore Will Fight On
Nov. 26, 2000: Republican Texas Gov. George W. Bush Sunday was certified the winner of Florida’s presidential vote by a 537-vote margin. If the certification stands, Bush gains 25 electoral votes, enough to give him a majority in the Electoral College and make him the 43rd U.S. president.

The Greenwood Position
Nov. 24, 2000: Now we must fight for our country. ... Now we face a great trial. And we’re up to it. So let’s go. ... In 1939, during parliamentary debate on the coming war in Europe, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain finished another of his hopeful, frightened speeches about making peace with Hitler. The Labour member of Parliament Arthur Greenwood rose to speak in opposition. As he did, the voice of a Tory parliamentarian pierced the chamber. “Speak for England, Arthur!” he called. At that the chamber exploded, and Chamberlain realized that further appeasement was intolerable. We are all of us, one way or another, in the Greenwood position. And we must speak not as members of a party but as members of a nation--the great and fabled one that has been, through our lives, the hope of the world.

How the Democrats Wage Political War
Nov. 20, 2000: “In case you’re bewildered by the machinations of the Gore campaign-turned-law-firm, let there be no doubt that the goings on in Florida are perfectly in keeping with the way Democrats normally think and behave. Lawsuits are a key part of the Democrats’ political strategy, so nothing about Florida should surprise anyone who has spent time in the Democratic Party.”

The Donkey in the Living Room
Nov. 17, 2000: There is an elephant in the living room in the Florida story. Actually, it’s a donkey. And actually, there are a number of them. When the story of the Florida recounts and hand-counts and court decisions is reported on network and local TV, and in the great broadsheet newspapers, the journalists uniformly fail to speak of the donkey in the living room. They give great and responsible attention to the Florida story. But with a unity that is perhaps willful, perhaps unconscious, perhaps a peculiar expression of an attempt at fairness, they avoid the donkey.

How Bush Can Lead
Nov. 14, 2000: Can George Bush govern? That’s a question that would have been raised even absent the Gore campaign’s war-room-mentality challenges to the vote for Bush in Florida and is perhaps more urgent now. Unless the long-shot legal challenge by the Democrats succeeds, Bush will have won by a narrow Electoral College majority, his party will have the thinnest of congressional majorities, and he will have passed through a controversy that would have been avoided had Al Gore had the public-spiritedness Richard Nixon demonstrated when he declined to challenge the results in 1960.

Election Theft 101
Nov. 10, 2000: Election thievery is easy. Anyone can become an expert, so why not aim high? Go after the top office in the land. All you have to do is follow a few, simple, time-tested rules. Soon you’ll find yourself able to compete with the best of the looters.

Al Gore and the Constitution
Nov. 10, 2000: Ever since I saw Al Gore give that uncharacteristically statesman-like speech defending the integrity of the Electoral College system under the Constitution of the United States, I've been scratching my head trying to figure it out.

The Bush Mandate
This is the famous map that appeared in the USA Today the day after the election. It portrays the United States represented as the counties that were carried by either candidate on election night, red for Bush, blue for Gore. The sea of red that completely dwarfs the few spots of blue on the map is staggering.

Florida Court Circus
The multitude of court cases and lawsuits filed in Florida staggers the mind, and is impossible to keep track of without a dance card. So here it is.

About Hand Counting
Everyone in America now knows that True Liberty for senior citizens in Florida, and Individual Freedom and Justice For All for confused Palm Beach County residents that cannot read a ballot card easily filled out by second-graders, rests on that last great hope of the Home of the Brave, Hand Counting. Here’s the rest of the story.

Disenfranchising the Military
All America was shocked, after listening for ten days to Gore’s minions preach on the necessity of letting every vote count, to discover his systematic plan to disqualify military ballots based on a “hypertechnical adherence to the letter of the law.”

Vote Fraud 2000
Allegations of vote fraud have surfaced in almost every state in the nation. Find the documented accounts and keep up with the latest allegations here.

Why the Electoral College?
The mess in Florida has raised the question, Why the Electoral College? Good question. This page of links, historical arguments, editorials, and other insightful information will arm you with plenty of food for thought.

The Wall Street Journal on the Post-Election Crisis
Three Honest Democrats In praise of judges Sauls, Lewis, and Burton, 12/05/00
Forward-Looking Democrats Gore allies care more about 2002 and 2004 than 2000, 12/04/00
Prince Albert in Fantasy Land When neither candidate wins, fall back on the law, 12/02/00
Ambivalent Warriors Why the Democrats let Gore fight on, and on ..., 12/01/00
An Unholy Alliance When the going gets messy, there’s Jesse, 12/01/00
The Recount George W. Bush, meet Edgar A. Poe, 11/30/00
Does the End Justify the Means? More than the presidency at stake, 11/29/00
The Supremes to Al: Concede Can the Dems persuade Gore to give it up before Friday? 11/27/00
The Myth of Miami Gore doesn’t have 10,000 uncounted votes in Miami, 11/26,00
Miami Heat A burgher rebellion in Dade County, 11/24/00
Supremely Ill-Judged Why did the court ignore constitutional rules? 11/24/00
President Dimples? Gore should show statesmanship instead of trying to change the rules
Don’t Disenfranchise Celebrity-Americans! Let’s not forget who’s really in charge, 11/22/00
The Squeamish GOP? Bush must defeat the Dems dirty tactics, 11/21/00
The Will of the Lawyers Gore finds controlling legal authority: Democratic judges, 11/20/00
Al Gore’s Class Action Trial lawyers try to litigate their man to the White House, 11/17/00
Florida’s Political Swamp Will it swallow American democracy? 11/16/00
The Media’s Pro-Gore Bias by Bob Dole, 11/16/00
The Railroad White House the last stop on the “no controlling legal authority” express?
Three Rings Running The Florida vote-counting circus, 11/14/00
The Leader Who Never Led If Gore could admit defeat, he might deserve to win, 11/13/00
Pandora’s Politics The parsing of election results sets bad precendents, 11/13/00
Recount ’Em All, or None at All by Edward Glaeser, 11/11/00
A Gore Coup d’Etat? It looks as if he really will stop at nothing to win, 11/10/00 A Disputed Election Now the nation depends on the rule of law, 11/08/00
The Meaning of the Vote by Peggy Noonan, 11/03/00

Mark Steyn on the Election
When you’re sick of all the tragedy of Florida, take a break for the comedy of Mark Steyn, a columnist for the London Telegraph who is keeping the English in stitches over the Florida farce. Why should the British have all the fun?

Dr. Seuss on the Election
The Dr. Seuss rhyming re-writes are hilarious and are flying around the Internet at light-speed. I have no idea who to attribute these witty and clever renditions to, but if someone will contact me with proof of authorship or original posting, I will be more than happy to link to that and take these down.

The Federalist
The Federalist is a concise, highly acclaimed email journal of anecdotal rebuttal to contemporary political, social and media liberalism. Compiled each week by a national editorial board, The Federalist’s highly condensed format provides efficient access to a wide spectrum of reliable information from reputable research, advocacy and media organizations. Its content is carefully selected to provide Constitutional Conservatives with a brief, informative and entertaining survey and analysis of the week's most significant news, policy and opinion.

FOX News
Keep up to date on all the political and election news with FOX News, the only news network striving to provide fair and balanced coverage. This news network allows independents, conservatives, and Christians a voice, side by side with liberal analysts.

National Review Online
I couldn’t stand it anymore. I don’t agree with the National Review on everything, but the witty, pointed, and insightful election coverage was just too much for me. Enjoy.

Real Clear Politics
Another excellent conservative, truth at all costs, politics and government watchdog site.

World Net Daily
The daily Internet newspaper that still believes in a free press for a free people. This is the only newspaper diligently covering the homeschooling issue in this election.

The Price of Liberty
“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” This oft-quoted saying is never more true than today. We can get involved, even if we just have a few minutes a week, and help preserve the freedom our forefathers handed to us with their blood. America needs every freedom-loving voice raised today.

Does My Vote Really Matter?
We thought it did. If we sleep now, while the concept of “one vote matters” is hanging on by a thread under an all-out assault by lawyers in Florida, then that one vote will not matter anymore. Let’s not let it get that far.

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