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What’s New:
1999 Additions

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January 2003

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1999 Additions

December Additions

November Additions

October Additions

September Additions

August Additions

Note: As many of you already know, CCH experienced several weeks of unavailability for the first weeks of August due to the server being down. I apologize for the inaccesability of the site, and pray this was an isolated incident. During the down time, even I couldn’t get on the website to work on the catalog or other areas of the site, or retrieve e-mail. (If any of you wrote during that time, that mail was lost in the black hole of cyberspace. Please write again.) The result of this is that the dialectic and rhetoric sections of the catalog will have to remain incomplete for now; however, I will continue to work on them throughout the school year as time permits. I have another week before homeschool begins again for us, and in that time it is my intention to finish uploading CCH’s history units for the grammar and dialectic stages. There are also several articles for the dialectic and rhetoric stages burning in my brain; especially on history and bible, which will be forthcoming during the 1999-2000 school year, as well as a guest author’s articles for dialectic and rhetoric literature: watch for their arrival, which will, of course, be announced on this page.

July Additions

June Additions

What’s coming: The dialectic and rhetoric sections of the online catalog are being uploaded throughout the month of June. As sections become available, they will become activated links from CCH’s Online Catalog main page.

May Additions

What’s coming: Classical Christian Homeschooling is hard at work on our newest feature: our online catalog in association with CCH is currently uploading the grammar stage section of the catalog, and expect that process to be completed by the end of the first week in May. Stay tuned!

April Additions

What’s coming: Classical Christian Homeschooling is hard at work on our newest feature: our online catalog in association with More than just a listing of books and materials, the catalog will include a complete scope and sequence for each of the grades in the grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric stages; cross links to CCH’s reviews, which are also being greatly expanded, and other helpful features. Accompanying these changes is a complete overhaul (again, LOL) of the curriculum page, making it clearer and easier to use. We plan on having the grammar stage section of the catalog up by the end of April, with the dialectic and rhetoric stage sections up by the end of May. Since this is such a big project, there will most likely be no new articles uploaded until the catalog is complete.

March Additions

Classical Christian Homeschooling is one year old this month! Thank you for visiting us; we hope we have been of benefit to you.

February Additions

What’s coming: The Subject of Logic by Martin Cothran, author of the promising new Logic curriculum Traditional Logic, is coming soon! Also in the works is Bible in the Grammar Stage, which will complete the Grammar Stage page; more answers on the FAQ page; the beginnings of curriculum suggestions for the dialectic stage; and a complete overhaul of the design and style of the website, with some exciting and hopefully helpful new additions. Stay tuned!

January Additions

1998 Additions

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